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Featured art: Digital Punk // A randomised collection of (hand crafted) Common, Rare and Super Rare images

‘Digital Punk’ is a love letter to 80’s Sci Fi, created using the visual language of Cyberpunk and Tokyo futurism, with a dash of Phillip K. Dick. Crisp neon shapes clash with bionic enhancements all wrapped up in a Sex Pistols swagger…if Bladerunner and Akira had a baby it would be called ‘Digital Punk.’

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Guy set up Shogun Graphic Systems™ in 2001, providing a bespoke digital illustration and graphic design service to a wide range of international clients.

Working across editorial, apparel, movie licensing and beyond, Guy has extensive experience in delivering creative assets for an array of clients and agencies from start ups through to global blue chip companies.

He has exhibited work at Hero Complex Gallery in L.A & Comic Con in New York. Clients include Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, DC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney & Fox TV amongst others.

He is currently working with Acme Archives and Marvel Studios on a Black Panther project.

Guy lives & works in Southampton, UK.

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About Us

White Light NFT LTD (Company Registration number: 14035251) is the exclusive launchpad partner for the World’s Finest NFT Artists and Animators. A creative extension of KJA artists, one of the largest global illustration agencies, established almost 4 decades ago with an illustrious reputation and an enviable list of global clients. White Light NFT is the newest platform connecting the high-end art world to Web3. It features illustrators from KJA artists who have worked on stunning visual creative projects for top blue-chip clients such as: Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Disney and many more huge international names.

Not only will 450+ KJA artists be brought into the Metaverse by White Light NFT, it will also be using KJA’s global reach and unrivalled knowledge to find and curate the hottest new creative talent on the planet, in all genres. This joint venture between a global artist agency and an NFT launchpad is an industry first and the alliance creates a unique synergy of abilities to ensure fabulously talented and diverse artists bring immense benefits to the quality and resolution of the fabulous NFT imagery available to collect and trade through WhiteLight NFT.

It’s an exclusive NFT launchpad with the guiding principal:  Real Art – With A Digital Future

White Light NFT’s founder Kevin Jones comes from a long and distinguished artistic creative background of running KJA artists. He brings his experience from not only being an artist himself, (famously creating the modern era Batman logo artworks for Warner Brothers, working with Anton Furst) but also from working with and curating the World’s Finest Artists on a daily basis.

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